Cursive Knives

In Summer 2022, I ran Cursive Knives : Reading and Writing Sylvia Plath; an online course in weekly sessions. Participants were led through a reading list of Plath’s poetry, given context around her life and writing, and introduced to creative prompts to create their own writing, with a theme for each session.

“I feel like I’ve got a lot out of each session and think you’re a fantastic facilitator.”

In 2023, the second course, Cursive Knives : Reading and Writing The Bloody Chamber took place over six weeks; reading through Angela Carter’s iconic collection and writing from prompts inspired by each of the stories.

Cursive Knives also runs sporadically as an hour long workshop, with writing prompts but no reading lists. These have included prompts from tarot cards, NASA photography, dinner parties and unsent text messages.

We’re also a community on Substack – a kind of mailing list meets commonplace book meets conversation pit. Join us!